Visionary Noise presents yet another creative mix-up of sorts, hosted by one of Houston's favorite personalities, Detre Val. They'll be announcing a different line up of local superstars for each date. The cost is an irristable $5 if you buy your ticket online at This series upstairs at Montrose favorite, Midtown Bar & Grill, 24hrs diner on West Grey. Multi-genre events are not easy but these guys seem to pick out some really great local talent out of the heard. We highly recommend making one if not several of these dates, and hanging for a bit upstairs at Midtown for a chicken fried steak or a perfect priced right Greek pizza.

Electoral Reform Aren't We Overdue?

Butterfly Ballots, Voter Purges, Hanging Chads, Supreme Court intervention and other questionable activities and whimsical terms dominated the news after the 2000 presidential election. In the aftermath, election officials promised to reform the balloting system in progressively challenged areas such as Florida. But as welcome as such changes are, I fear they fall short of addressing a more important issue: The larger problem of the election was the failure to properly handle the presence of a third party. Here is the skinny on Approval Voting, Instant Runnoff Voting and the Electoral College.

RAHUL MITRA "I bury my past so I can repeat it"@Gspot CONTEMPORARY ART SPACE OPENING RECEPTION IS 09.03.2016
Rahul Mitra is an artist, writer, and a scientist born in Hyderabad, India, now living in Houston. Mitra uses visual language drawn from the streets to interpret personal, socio-political dialogues exploring poverty, ennui, custom, love, strangeness, technology, and linguistics. His current work is focused on the study of the underbelly of the global cultures.

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Houston Open Air Over 35 Bands
Avenged Sevenfold, Alice In Chains, Deftones, Slayer, Chevelle, The Cult, Ministry, Alter Bridge, Ghost, Anthrax, Pierce The Veil, Of Mice & Men, Sevendust, Baroness, Hellyeah, Chevy Metal, Buckcherry, Nothing More, The Amity Affliction, Max & Iggor Cavalera Return To Roots, Devour The Day, letlive., Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy, Texas Hippie Coalition, Young Guns, Starset, Sick Puppies, Skindred, Neck Deep, Avatar, Sons Of Texas, Mothership, Twelve Foot Ninja, Gemini Syndrome, The Word Alive, KYNG, Dinosaur Pile-Up, September Mourning, and more >>

New Generation of Saudi Artists Launch U.S. Tour at Station Museum
“The older generation has more beliefs than knowledge, and our generation has more knowledge than beliefs. So we’re trying to find beliefs that can be harmonized with our knowledge.”- Ajlan Gharem Parallel Kingdom: Contemporary Art from Saudi Arabia, a cross generational survey of contemporary art from the Saudi Arabian peninsula. This exhibition provides insights into Saudi culture through the creativity and vision of some the most influential Saudi artists of the 21st century, alongside younger voices from the fields of art, comedy and film.

The rapid-fire snare intro to Garbage’s debut album, garbage, hits the auditory complex with spine tingling energy. This year marks the album’s twentieth anniversary – two decades since alt-rock ruled supreme, since guitarist Duke Erikson teamed up with drummer Butch Vig and guitarist Steve Marker, since they saw lead singer Shirley Manson on MTV and brought her to Madison, Wisconsin to record some tracks. The result would be sonically groundbreaking. To Manson, the idea is hypnagogic; “I was shocked when someone pointed out that it was twenty years since garbage.
Houston's Lost History: Downtown Flood of 1935
People tend to forget we live in a swamp. Houston wasn't considered very habitable until the invention of air conditioning. We used to lead the nation in cases of yellow fever and cholera, and we had frequent cases of malaria well into the 50's.
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Houston's Lost History: Camp Logan Race Riots
The early fall of 1917 was one of the darkest times in Houston's history. World War One was raging in Europe and the United States was beginning to ship thousands of soldiers overseas. Our governor, James “Pa” Ferguson had just been removed from office for embezzlement. Read the full article>>
Houston's Lost History: 1867 Yellow Fever Epidemic Houston's position on the Gulf of Mexico and it's location surrounded by bayous meant Houston was once home to many diseases that are unknown here today. In 1867 our susceptibility to tropical disease killed a tenth of the population.
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