Obsidian Theater in association with SRO Productions is proud to present PASSING STRANGE a new musical with book and lyrics by Stew and music by Heidi Rodewald and Stew.

The story focuses on the uneasy relationship of a young black man (Youth) with his life. Raised in a midclass neighbor in Los Angeles, our hero, a would-be songwriter, stews in a sea of conflicted cultural signals. He chafes under his mother's fixation on family ties and church and her bourgeois aspirations. MORE

Canal Street / East Side

Photo Story By Dave Sisney

Art can be found anywhere, sometimes in the least expecting places. I was invited to check out a custom motorcycle and car show that also had an offering of art geared toward this subculture. RR/HR located at 5906 Canal Street in Houston, Texas was full of surprises. Check out my Photo gallery.


By: LXIX 3 - 1.0

SAT FEB 4 2017

Day-to-day living often demands our full attention, leaving little to no time for necessary personal moments of quiet  for contemplation and self assessment, both of which are essential for understanding the world around us. A guilt-free solution, which may be enjoyed alone, or shared with others,is to "look at art." MORE

Alternative rock icons Helmet released their first album in six years DEAD TO THE WORLD. Here is front-man Page Hamilton talking with Micah Jackson of Visionary Noise about David BowieThe Beatles, living in Los Angeles, California, meditating while doing cocaine, the creative process, and this record which comes jam-packed with heavy guitar riffs, blasting percussion, and the distinctive voice of front-man Page Hamilton. The album is a perfectly executed mix of hard rock, alternative, metal and punk, and it shows the world again how versatile a rock album can be in 2016. Incredible footage of Local H at White Oak Music Hall

Sunday On The Rocks The ancient Romans had a term to describe the theme of Coneman Running's latest work, Sunday on the Rocks. In Vino Veritas, in wine there is truth. That is the catalyst of the plot, three roommates who decide to ruminate over a major life change for one of them by getting gloriously smashed on a Sunday morning on cheap scotch. Secrets are learned, guilt is confessed and friendships are strained, all in the space in a single day.

Locally Grown in Texas:
Why I Care About Farmer's Markets

When we think about the good life, art and food rank pretty high in importance. The food industry consistently engages in deceptive marketing that confuses consumers. One way this is done is by throwing around terms that have no meaning under federal guidelines, such as dressing up chips as being "natural." While some carry more validity than others, all these trendy marketing terms associated with our food (Organic, natural, cage-free, etc.) can be overwhelming.

10"x10" ART SHOW

This call for entries is open to all artists in Houston and surrounding areas working in 2D & 3D media.

ART SHOW FEE: Entry fee of $10.00 per work of art, payable to H&N Marketing on day of Drop Off. We will accept cash or checks for entry fee.


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