Canal Street / East Side

Photo Story By Dave Sisney

Art can be found anywhere, sometimes in the least expecting places. I was invited to check out a custom motorcycle and car show that also had an offering of art geared toward this subculture. RR/HR located at 5906 Canal Street in Houston, Texas was full of surprises. Check out my Photo gallery.


ALAN DISPARTE: HINDSIGHT BIAS Opening Reception Saturday May 6 6P until 9P

Hindsight bias is the belief that an event could have been predicted after it has already occurred, creating a narrative supporting what we believe could have been foreseen.


What if the way we live completely embraces who we are – the imperfect, improper, clumsy and beautiful mess. What if we stopped stressing about having a perfectly organized home and do what we can. What if we stop working till last minute and skipping meals because we enjoy taking care of our body. What if we stop hiding every freckle, wrinkle and spot on our face because beauty is impermanent and fleeting.

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