Where's Julie is a Surreal Trip Down a Dark Path

Much of the play's humor is based on shock factor, in just how horrible these people can be.  Much of the time it amuses with quite a bit of accidental honesty, other times it presents the abuse with sobering realism.  The characters are parodies of themselves, they aren't presented as real people but character flaws with names.  The play is apologetically black comedy, the one time it drops the humor aspect it gets very dark, very quickly.

ALAN DISPARTE: HINDSIGHT BIAS Opening Reception Saturday May 6 6P until 9P

Hindsight bias is the belief that an event could have been predicted after it has already occurred, creating a narrative supporting what we believe could have been foreseen.

Disgruntled Cast and Crew Raise Issues Over Award Winning Theatre

Recently Houston mayor Sylvester Turner honored Eado Playhouse for their production of A Few Good Men, and for the free performance of the play for our veterans. If another playhouse earned this honor it would have been lauded for its charity, unfortunately Eado Playhouse's directors have a long past of financial obligations left unmet. Immediately after Mayor Turner presented the acclamation to Colton Berry, Jane Volke and Luke Hamilton dozens of former actors, musicians, and crew united in protest regarding payment long overdue. MORE

Canal Street / East Side

Photo Story By Dave Sisney

Art can be found anywhere, sometimes in the least expecting places. I was invited to check out a custom motorcycle and car show that also had an offering of art geared toward this subculture. RR/HR located at 5906 Canal Street in Houston, Texas was full of surprises. Check out my Photo gallery.


Director Sam Martinez reimagines and brings to life this classic that is rarely produced in modern times. It is Obsidian’s hope that we can remedy this and expose new audiences to this literary and theatrical gem. Martinez, along with the Assistant Director Elizabeth Grant, edited the show for length distilling and streamlining the story to its essence to present a sweeping epic that modern audiences will love.


What if the way we live completely embraces who we are – the imperfect, improper, clumsy and beautiful mess. What if we stopped stressing about having a perfectly organized home and do what we can. What if we stop working till last minute and skipping meals because we enjoy taking care of our body. What if we stop hiding every freckle, wrinkle and spot on our face because beauty is impermanent and fleeting.

Hardy and Nance Street Show April 2017 >> Splendora Gardens Flower Show April 2017 >>

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