Nate Blanski

Canal Street / East Side

Photo Story By Dave Sisney

Art can be found anywhere, sometimes in the least expecting places. I was invited to check out a custom motorcycle and car show that also had an offering of art geared toward this subculture. RR/HR located at 5906 Canal Street in Houston, Texas was full of surprises.

As I pulled up to the event, there were custom cars an motorcycles for all to see and enjoy, you could literally feel the love and hard work that had been poured into these modes of transportation ultimately transforming them into pieces of rolling art in their own right. As I entered into the premises I was welcomed by the fragrant aroma of fresh brewed coffee for all to enjoy while feeding the visual senses with the works of art that were either hung lovingly on the wall, placed on their respective shelves or parked in the showroom. It was a cool little place to chill. They sell customization parts and build custom projects.

Venturing outside there were more treats to be had for the gearhead conisuer there were offerings form vendors with their merchandise for sale, as well as artists presenting their works including an on site pinstriper. An art form that has been carried on from the beginning of automotive customization and that has also crossed over to be found on products that have little or nothing to do with the automotive culture at all. I was pleased to see one of Houston's up and coming subculture artists, Nate Blanski, attending this event with some samples of his work.

Nates work can be found at

I am happy that I was able to attend this event and meet some really cool people that create forms of art driven by what they love. Ya'll check out the full photo gallery here.


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