& Nasty Nate
Brandon Bishop & Nasty Nate Blanski @ Hardy & Nance Street Studios
Photo Credit: Dave Sisney See the full gallery here>>
Brandon Bishop
Photo Credit: Dave Sisney See the full gallery here>>
Nasty Nate
Photo Credit: Dave Sisney See the full gallery here>>

The ART Itself

2-DAY EXHIBITION on the 7th and 8th of October at Hardy and Nance St. Studios. The event will start at 7pm both nights. Beer will be provided by 11 Below Brewery free of cost (must have valid ID). Brandon and Nate's work is surely worth coming to check out. Food truck TBA. 

Photo Credit: Dave Sisney See the full gallery here>>

Nate Blanski (Nasty Nate):

Nate grew up in an artistic family on the out skirts of Tulsa. Major shape to his character comes from his workaholic father who builds and restores classic cars out of his garage.

Weekends at car shows, digging through junk yards, and sifting through swap meets in the 90's played a major role in Nate's sense of style. Watching low budget horror movies, browsing lowbrow art, tattoos, comic books, and listening to rock and roll music are also strong influences. Ed Roth, Robert Williams, and Von Dutch are among his idols.

Nate's art is owned by a small number of American actors and has been sold to countless collectors worldwide. He was also awarded grand prize in a contest for 1-Shot Paint Company.

Nate is always finding new ways to challenge his imagination and artistic abilities. Most of his work is hand built or painted on unique objects. His overall vision is to have his art enjoyed anywhere that creativity is explored and valued.

Brandon Bishop :

Brandon is an East Coast born, Texas raised, metal artist. After opting out of taking any more drawing and painting classes in grade school, Brandon started welding his senior year at Cy-Fair High School. His extensive background in art led to a degree in graphic design from The Art Institute of Houston. After graduating, Brandon worked as a freelance designer and auto mechanic. There, an opportunity in a welding job led to a full time gig in the oil and gas fabrication industry. After years of developing a skillset which has been passed down three generations from his grandfather, Brandon pursued metal work. His father and grandfather are exceptional carpenters who influenced him to become a hands-on craftsman. 

Brandon's inspiration comes from his own imagination. Learning how to use the plasma cutter changed the way Brandon pursued art. Through years of experience with metal fabrication tools he now has the ability to create whatever vision he has in his mind. Whether it is hand drawing an image, freehand cutting it from metal or welding steel forms together. Brandon uses his many skills to make one of a kind pieces.

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Photo Credit: Dave Sisney
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