by Brian Albiter

For those who have taken the route to transform Instagram as a business know that networking is majestic. Networking is one of the most important tools in building a career and in life in general. Until the day robots takeover. Networking can give you the edge to work with people you want to work with. Sometimes all it takes is a good recommendation or a friend to help get your foot in the door then the rest is up to your skills and the other tools in your box.” MORE
by Brian Albiter
Traveling and sightseeing would seem more than enough to the average person. But for Mei Lin, it is just the beginning. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, now residing in Houston, Texas, "Traveling is EVERYTHING to me," she shouts! And indeed it is, so much so that it has become a part of her daily routine. She has to travel more than twenty plus hours to visit family and friends and does it without hesitation. She considers her travels joyful experiences. MORE

Houston Via Colori® Street Painting Festival, a fundraiser for  The Center for Hearing and Speech, will liven up the streets of downtown Houston for its 11th year November 19th-20th. Attracting more than 30,000 annual visitors. More than 250 local and international artists create mind-blowing murals on the streets of Houston over the two-day event. Via Colori also features three stages of live music, a Family Zone with kids’ chalk games and food and beverage vendors. MORE

Heights Epicurean Farmers Market
Every First Saturday of Each Month

Handmade, home-made, locally grown or sustainably produced in Texas. Participating vendors showcase everything from dog biscuits and organic baby food to infused vinegars, locally-roasted coffee, bakery goods, chocolates, preserves, hot pepper jellies, handmade soaps, candles and skin care products. We have featured flowers, local honey, baked goods, coffees tea and cocoa, chocolates and more.
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Houston's Lost History: Downtown Flood of 1935

People tend to forget we live in a swamp. Houston wasn't considered very habitable until the invention of air conditioning. We used to lead the nation in cases of yellow fever and cholera, and we had frequent cases of malaria well into the 50's. The large number of bayous has been a constant source of flooding, the Flood Control District starting converting the bayous in the 1950's from muddy rivers to the managed culverts you see today.
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Karega Ani is a performance poet and music producer from Houston, TX. A one-time student of the legendary Ntozake Shange, he has been refining his unique literary and performance style for nearly 20 years. In that time, he has self-published multiple chapbooks and recording projects. He has also been published in The Pierian Literary Journal (Albany State University), and has performed and facilitated workshops both nationally and internationally. He currently resides in Houston, TX.

Ferrel Phelps Struggle to Save Freedman's Town   Ferrell Phelps Energy For Freedmans Project
Tales From The Bayou City - Rowdy Roddy Piper   A Pleasant Conversation With Miltos Yerolemou
The International Day Of Peace   Craig Kinsey, American Roots And Machines CD
Ace Frehley's Space Invader   The International Day Of Peace September 21
A Curry On An American Plate - New Comedy   It Got Late Early Out There
New Generation of Saudi Artists, Station Museum   Play With Extremely Long Title Proves to be Short and Sweet
Houston's Chicken Or Egg Gentrification   Madonna's Rebel Heart Beats Loud In Houston


Houston's Lost History: Louis Dickerson, Godfather of the Fifth Ward

The Fifth Ward has a turbulent past. For decades it has been synonymous with crime and violence, earning it the monikers Little Pearl Harbor and the Bloody Fifth. At one point during its darkest times during the 70's and 80's there were more murders per capita committed at the corner of Lyons and Jensen than anywhere else in the entire United States. But the Fifth Ward wasn't always a crime plagued neighborhood that was ignored or feared by the outside world. Read the full article>>


Houston's Lost History: Camp Logan Race Riots
The early fall of 1917 was one of the darkest times in Houston's history. World War One was raging in Europe and the United States was beginning to ship thousands of soldiers overseas. Our governor, James “Pa” Ferguson had just been removed from office for embezzlement. The city was reeling from the sudden death of our first Hispanic mayor Joseph Pastoriza. Pastoriza had been in office less than three months before suddenly dying of a heart attack. His successor, Joseph Hutcheson, had been in office barely two months when the bloodiest day in Houston's history occurred.
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Houston's Lost History: 1867 Yellow Fever Epidemic

Houston's Medical Center is one of the most impressive and respected facilities of its type in the world. Between UTMB, M.D. Anderson, Texas Children's Hospital and many more hospitals we are at the forefront of medical science. However Houston's position on the Gulf of Mexico and it's location surrounded by bayous meant Houston was once home to many diseases that are unknown here today. In the last century Space City was hit by episodes of cholera, malaria and yellow fever. In 1867 our susceptibility to tropical disease killed a tenth of the population.
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Houston's Lost History: Great Fifth Ward Fire of 1912
When you think of disasters and Houston the first thing that comes to mind is of course hurricanes. We don't earthquakes, and being as flat as we are mudslides are impossible. It's the storms we remember, names like Alicia, Allison, and Carla bring back memories of utter destruction and death. But in times past Houston had serious issues dealing with fire. Strong winds and dry seasons can lead to tragedy, and on February 21, 1912 the Fifth Ward burned to ash in just three hours. Read the full article>>

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