Relax* Share* Inspire

By: Katie Chaput

Loveleen and I have grown to really love the RELAX * SHARE * INSPIRE group discussions. We have gotten a variety of individuals from all walks of life who share in this love for creativity and have all brought unique tid bits of wisdom from our own journeys to the conversations. At our April meet up we discussed why we should always be creative and how it has a profound effect on not only the individual creator, but also on the world around them.

We began first and foremost by sipping on some tea and enjoying the delicious cherry cheesecake by Royal Tarts. The conversation then started by us sharing what it is we were actively doing in our lives that expressed creativity. This did not have to be what our true passion was, but just something that kept the channels of life energy flowing through us so we stayed inspired to create. We then shared the very inspiring video by Martha Beck that discussed the importance of creating and how the creative process and the end product have a profound effect on the world.

Watch the video if you are interested. >>

The conversation dived deeper at this point where we talked about times where we had stopped being creative because we were experiencing trials in our lives. For those who experienced this, we unanimously agreed that we let our creativity be placed on the back burner because it was not providing for us and so we replaced it with something that was. But money can never replace the fulfillment that the creative process brings so we again agreed that we were left feeling something was missing and realized it was our expression of creativity.

We then went back in time to recall what creative things we did as a child that brought us much happiness. Something that we could work on for hours upon hours and never get tired of it. The things our inner child loves to do, but many of us have veered away from while growing up and becoming adults.

As the conversation continued, we saw a pattern where we felt lost in the creative process at times and uninspired. There were things in our external environment that would clutter our minds and make it difficult for us to create. This restlessness made us want to produce creative work for the instant gratification of completing it instead of actually enjoying the process of it.

We wrapped everything up with a 15-minute meditation and a moment of gratitude for having the time, opportunity, and space to be able to have this wonderful conversation about creativity.

Loveleen and I thank everybody who came out to join us and for those who were there in spirit. We look forward to another great conversation next month where more delicious vegan Royal Tart treats will be served and more inspiring wisdom from all will be shared around the topic of creativity. Look forward to seeing you there!

Here's the Facebook Event Page >>


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