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An Event each third Saturday

Every third Saturday of the month, for a couple of hours, a group of creative souls come together and share their creative journey. For two hours, the only thing that matters to each one of them is their love for creating. Does not matter what the craft is, whether it be writing, photography, painting, baking, web designing or does not matter if they even know what they want to create – the space holds love and kindness for everyone.

The facilitators – Katie and Loveleen know that deep down, everyone is creative. And they also know that all creatives need each other – to support one another on this journey and to share with each other the fears and the challenges everyone on this path goes through.

We all need each other to lend a hand when someone needs guidance. And to hold one another accountable for taking charge of their own creative life!

They believe that it is only through collaboration and coming together, we can all shine our light. The world is abundant in opportunities and prosperity is for everyone. It is not about competing, stepping on each other and keeping skills to yourself. It is about uplifting each other and being joyful when someone succeeds. It is about sharing our mistakes and all the lessons learned. It is about celebrating our victories and comforting each other in our failures.

Katie and Loveleen initiated this gathering because they realized their own inspirations and creative expressions flourished when they started collaborating with each other.

The more they shared the path they were on, they were amazed to see how similar their challenges were. They started discussing their fears, encouraging each other and pushing each other to get out of their comfort zones. The whole experience made them more courageous.

And the idea of creating a community where we all gather together and exchange our stories came about. Soon after Relax*Share*Inspire was born.

The gathering happens at Loveleen’s home studio in Katy. The fragrance of sage, a warm cup of tea, healthy treats by Royal Tart and a serene and comfortable setting provide exactly what the creative hearts need to relax and unwind. The energy is positive and uplifting. Everyone comes into the group as strangers and leaves as friends. The discussion starts with an introduction and is followed by exchange of stories on a topic related to creative living.

At the February gathering, the topic Katie and Loveleen chose was “Being guided by heart rather than mind”. This topic is very close to everyone’s heart because we all at some point in our lives has that dilemma – should I follow my heart or go with reason and logic of my mind.

As the group shared their personal experiences, it was heartwarming to see how all of us coming from different backgrounds, cultures and upbringing, shared similarities in why we let our minds guide us and how our lives changed when we did. Every time we were guided by heart and let our mind only guide us on how to achieve what our heart is saying, the whole path became fulfilling.

Two hours is not long enough to share experiences on this topic – but by the end of it, all of us were more inspired. We all trusted our hearts a little more. We all left a bit braver to follow our hearts. During the discussion, we also created an accountability list – where all of us shared goals that we want to accomplish in the next month. The idea being to encourage each other to push our creative ideas forward and let them manifest in the physical world.

Katie and Loveleen invite you to join them at this gathering and in this journey towards living more creatively every day. Relax*Share*Inspire happens every third Saturday of the month from 10-12pm in Katy. You can register on Eventbrite or RSVP on facebook. They would also like to thank Royal Tart and Red Publication for sponsoring their events.

About the facilitators

Katie Chaput is a Houston resident and a maker. She is a writer, entrepreneur and co-founder of Kadee Beauty Products – chemical free natural skin care products. She and her husband are also in the process of creating a beautiful homestead in Chapel Hill. Her vision is to create a community for creatives and inspire them to rediscover their true calling. To find more about her work you can find her at her website address.

Loveleen Saxena is Katy resident and maker. She is an artist, entrepreneur, coach and Founder of ARTtistas Studio and Alive in the Flow Coaching. She and her husband are creating an online platform for art community . It is her vision to guide people to live a life full of creative flow and in harmony. To find more about her work go to
loveleensaxeena and

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