Mr. Wehnert's Intuitive Eye For Outsider Art

Jay Wehnert, an art collector and dealer, established Intuitive Eye in 2011 to expand on his interests and activities in the world of art. Along with his wife, Victoria, he has collected Outsider, Self Taught, Visionary, Folk and Contemporary Art for over 25 years. Through Intuitive Eye he has developed collaborative relationships with artists, galleries, institutions and collectors to present the best of the art that fascinates him.

Intuitive Eye developed out of those years of collecting. Jay assisted in curating a show with Gus Kopriva, "Western Sequels." touring a portion of his own collection to Budapest and Athens.

Also, Mr. Wehnert's collection was found on display in another show he curated with the Houston Art Car Museum called "Kindred Spirit."

Jay and Victoria take great pleasure in sharing their unique home and art collection. Their home has twice been featured on the Houston Heights Association Home Tours well as the Orange Show's Eye Opener Tour.

The March Houston Heights Urbanites Mixer will wet your appetite for art enthusiasm. Certainly, guests will gain a fresh perspective on the various angles to approach art. From there, you may wish to take your research a little deeper, and join Jay and Victoria as they open their home once again for a very special gathering planned for the spring. It will be a salon style evening, and a personal tour through their extensive collection they're calling, "Inside the World of Outsider Art."

Jays concept is to collect art that interests you personally, adhering to the old adage, “Buy what you love and you will always love what you buy.” He talks about being self aware, and listening to what speaks to you. “Art is to be savored, cared for and seen.”

Jay and Victoria traveled extensively to grow their collection, and have made the opportunities to meet the artists which make up a life of collecting. “Finding the work that you love, takes you in all directions,” submits Jay. His ultimate goal is to elevate the appreciation of outsider and self taught artists by helping people develop an awareness of the unique qualities of its makers.

You will want to check out Jay's journal at: Intuitive

Be a part of a fun group of neighbors who meet and mix every third Thursday in The Heights:
Houston Heights Urbanites

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