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Bizzy Thowed Comes Home To Houston

Most noted as the guitarist for Purple Popcorn and the man behind the guitars on some of the last decades biggest records by top artists like The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj and many more, Bizzythowed is a versatile musician and producer. His music has taken him across the world to Paris, New York, and Amsterdam. He has called L.A. and Miami home, and now he has returned to Texas. A man that loves his profession, he was not above volunteering at the Kerrville Folk festival. The dude is in some ways, “above the real thing.”

Working with The Weekend since 2012, he did all the guitars and bass on the album “Kissland” which debuted at number one. Bizzy also produced behind Mims, one of the first rappers who gained fame from the internet, a superstar out of Washington Heights, N.Y. They ended up with a number one hit, a spot on Jay Leno's Tonight Show, Regis & Kelly and more.

Despite all this, Bizzythowed is still down to earth. A versatile performer, he can be the leader of a heavy metal band;  lead a folk string group; or produce a rapper. He can rap, sing, write music on the spot, including the vocals. He's eager to try something new, and loves to cross genres. His mastery of guitar allows him the flexibility demanded of real creative expression across styles, time, and other qualities. Bizzy says the guitar is what brought him to the dance.

Bizzy's father inspired him by played rock and roll in their house.  Sadly his father passed away when Bizzy was in middle school in the early 90s. Bizzy connected with the loss of his father by absorbing himself in the rock music that his father loved. This was also about the same time he got serious with the guitar, dropping all the other extra curricular activities kids love to do. At 11 years, with his mother’s support, he started seriously studying guitar with private tutors every weekend.

He grew up in the Third Ward attending HISD schools. His private tutors, along with his determination and love for the guitar, connected him with the opportunity of studying at Berkeley. His eyes light up when he talks about studying music full time at Berkeley, which he described as a full time train station of international musicians going and returning for inspiration throughout their careers.

Bizzy explained traveling all over the world is exciting, but there was no rest and no end to it. He decided to change course at a Stevie Wonder concert in Boston, where he ran into a classmate from Berkeley, and met a new friend from his hometown Houston. It was a turning point and a sign to him, that it might time to regain his center, come back to Home and learn his city, even if no one might know him

Bizzythowed is flowing with rhythm and generates music continually. Just sitting with Bizzy, you can feel music coming off him. He can write an album alone, or add a new musician to a song - after he makes you feel like there is a party going on. He’ll start to record and capture the magic. His guitar music definitely has atmosphere, and a heavy crunch. He is making his own sound, and as he says, it's where needs to be, at this point in his career.

Bizzy's new project “Blank Check” is rock music in the Hip Hop format, described in his words as "to the point." Bizzy along with a drummer named Rhody, formed Blank Check.  Blank Check has a clear crisp guitar sound that lifts you right into the air.

"Life Is Here” is an old school rock ballad. It's about getting to the end of it, facing the truth, and having to move on. 'Life Is Here' has a heavy crunch. Bizzy describes it as a message to prompt people, as the song goes, “to make their life mean something . . more.” “It won't be so easy. . .this time” It says to me time doesn't stop for anyone, you gotta make your life mean something.

Bizzy describes himself as a black Travis Barker, or a younger Pharrel.  He said this project sounds like Metallica meets Tupac. Bizzy listed Black Sabbath, Megadeath, Rob Zombie, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, and NWA as inspiration. We're glad to have him in Houston.

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