Why You Need To Know Victor Renovato, Fashion Designer

Brian Albiter

To make fashion joyful but also preferable is a challenging thing. That’s the genius of this 20-something Houstonian designer for Vicren Collections, whose art captures vibrant hues. His capsule collection entitled cheerleader dream, reflects his eclectic and effortless style, resulting in a line that it is as cheerful and radiant as it is respectful and timeless.

As an HCC student designer, Renovato has learned the challenging process of design but it is through internships and fashion events that has taught him the pitfalls and trails of building an effective brand in the fashion industry.

Renovato, has a great admiration for cheerleaders and once thought about joining the cheerleading squad for his high school but due to inner conflicts he opted out. However, down the road those conflicts then became an inspiration that lead to his 2016 capsule collection in which he flourishes his passion for cheerleading.

Like most creatives he has a storyboard and jots down ideas on an iPhone as they inspired him. Renovato, obtains most of his fabrics from High Fashion Fabrics located in the heart of the city of Houston. He is aware the importance that texture is to design and here are just some of his favorite, Silk, Organza, Sued and Chiffon. When asked why these fabrics are of value he said, “Silk is that beautiful shine and softness, while organza is a little hard to work with but it gives the perfect volume to the gown. Sued in the other hand gives a good warm for coats or jackets and chiffon gives elegance to the gown.”

In a constant evolving world it comes to no surprise that many companies as well as designers are turning to eco-friendly fabrics. Renovato, aims to use recycle fabrics for the majority of his designs. Another way he finds inspiration is through vibrant hues because it is the nucleus as to how he selects not only his fabrics but the concept of his designs he said, “If the colors ring in my mind that’s the fabric I will be using!”

Not only is he a fashion designer but a fashion fanatic to say the least. This fascination has led him to be trend driven and kept his horizons open for new concepts and new ways of creating. His collection much like his design process is not just a specific woman or a specific style he designs all across the board he said, “The pieces I design are made for women to be styled however they like to.”

As a fashion fanatic he has a designer or two that he admires tremendously he said, “Raf Simons, I love his designing attitude. The way he does timeless designs for example when he brought the men fitted suit to the industry and that is something that will be here forever.” The list does not stop there he is also a fan of Houston’s very own Amir Taghi whose designs have inspired him.

But it was not Simons or Taghi that inspired him to fall in love with designing, it was someone close to him he said, “My maternal grandmother was the one who has led me to be a fashion designer, she was a seamstress in Mexico and she was always very artistic.” His grandmother taught him how to saw by creating embroider napkins.

Renovato, is not new to the fashion game as he has presented his collection in the city of Houston. But as an up-and-coming talented designer he has noticed that there are many creative geniuses in the city of Houston which is why when asked about having the option to stay in Houston or continue his creative process in New York City he said, “I love Houston because I’ve enjoyed my life here, I would love to establish my label here and use as many helpful outlets and social media resources to expand my work.”

The life he has lived and his inner spark is what has led him to sculpt into fashion it has helped him transpire into the prism of creation because it is not just clothes that he is designing or a statement he is trying to make, his passion can be best described as communicating through wearable art.

See his work in action at the show event page:

Link to the show: rawartists.org/vicrencollections

Instagram: instagram.com/vicrencollections

Personal Instagram: instagram.com/vicren_94

Facebook: Facebook.com/vicrencollections


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