Heights Epicurean Farmers Market
Food, Music, Art, Fun Every First Saturday
In The Heights

The Heights Epicurean Farmers Market supports all the good things that bind a community in the name of healthy, natural, clean living and brotherhood. We support all things handmade, homemade, and locally grown. This once monthly market does this by inviting Texas farmers who are dedicated to organic and chemical free farming, artisans, bakers, and all sorts of local food producers together in a fun block party style atmosphere complete with crafts for the children.

The Heights Epicurean Farmers Market takes place every first Saturday of the month. The Farmers Market and Festivities will be from 8:30am until 1:30pm. The event takes place on the beautiful historical campus of one of the three oldest houses of worship in the City of Houston. Grace United Methodist Church Campus is the centerpiece of Heights Boulevard located prominently at 1245 Heights Boulevard.

You'll find sustainable, seasonal produce, fresh fruits and vegetables, micro greens and herbs from local area career farmers such as Plant It Forward Farms.

Participating vendors showcase everything from dog biscuits and organic baby food to infused vinegar, responsibly harvested coffee, relish, pickles, fresh veggies, pies, iced tea, fruit juice and smoothies, traditional French Macrons, Gluten-free baked goods, vegan food truck, fresh bread, super-foods, preserves, hand-sewn, hand crochet and knit items, pies, handmade soaps, skin care products, natural home cleaning remedies, organic oil products, raw honey, BBQ, tamales, wood-burning art, glass slumping art, Venezuelan Arapes, Indian Food, local honey, art, garden art, plants, handmade ceramics, and all natural pet care and goodies.

We also showcase pure natural resources hand picked and hand processed from other ‘local’ communities such as Shea butter, and Moroccan Argan Oil which one of our neighbors brings himself from his home in Morocco. Cafe Zun Zun also brings the coffee from their home town, and one of our neighbors who was born and raised in Africa, returns annually with handmade goods from their hometown, and shares these items with the Heights community. Another vendor brings handmade goods from Mexico which support a small village of widows in her hometown.

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Plant It Forward Farms
Houston is settling a record number of new refugees every year. Most have spent years in refugee camps outside of their own countries living in extreme conditions while waiting to realize the American dream. Once here they are faced with huge challenges assimilating into their new homeland as few have the language or job skills to find meaningful work. Some of these refugees come from agrarian backgrounds and they know how to raise quality food but there is not a single classified job posting for an experienced farmer. 

Plant It Forward Farms brings together the people and resources needed to make that vision a reality. We partner with social and religious groups to provide land and tools to refugees who settle in Houston with few other skills besides farming. Refugees receive training at a model farm, as well as additional business assistance to help sell their produce to grocery stores, restaurants and farmers markets. A portion of each success helps provide opportunities for future refugees, and our replicable model can easily be scaled to support hundreds of urban micro-farms throughout the city and beyond. Through Plant It Forward Farms, refugees can become active and contributing citizens that help Houston realize its potential as a leader in sustainable living.

More information is available at heightsepicurean.com Every first Saturday of the month.

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