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The band MANINKARI formed in December 2013. The band  are influenced by traditional Native and Indigenous music, metal, djent, tribal drums and more. MANINKARI comes from the Ashaninka people of the Peruvian / Brazilian rainforest and literally translates to, "Those Who Are Hidden." According to the Ashaninka: the spirit that lives in all life, (in)animate, are the MANINKARI. Maninkari are interested in creating heavy, energetic, empowering, thought provoking music with introspective lyrics and aim to incorporate influence from Native American / Traditions from around the world.

So Soon the Truth are committed to making every song they  play a roller-coaster ride of emotions, and dynamics from beginning to end. They work to defy classification and draw inspiration from many sources, perhaps this is what draws many to their sound which some refer to   as “experimental post-hardcore”.

The Earth as We Know it is a progressive metal act which fuse a menagerie of styles  to form music that every music fan can enjoy! From Ambient to Jazz to Deathcore, "The Earth As We Know It" has something for everybody!

Metanoia is a fusion of various genres and sounds. Each member has been heavily influenced by vastly different types of music and it is all poured into this one sound that is Metanoia. Metanoia has been a band for 2 years now and has opened up for the Skatastrophics, Mephiskapheles, and the Toasters. They are currently a 7 piece band band up of drums, bass, guitar, violin, trombones, and trumpets. Metanoia incorporates conscious lyrics to spread truth, power, and love through the powerful musical vibrations. You will leave feeling uplifted and inspired. A gift Metanoia leaves with the listeners.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Anarchists, or YFNA was formed by two like minded musicians. Johnny, a man from a small town in Idaho, who has devoted his whole life to making and spreading music . And Tryp a local guitarist who encompasses everything punk. Since that time they have grown to a four piece, they recently opened for Otonana Trio and amazed a packed out Darwin’s Pub! They are fun, rock n roll with a punk edge, addressing issues and having a blast!

All of these act are at Fitzgerald’s this Friday with a cover set at 5$ its a deal of a show! Fitzgerald's is one of the oldest and widely recognized live music venues in the Greater Houston area, open since 1918, it is a classic. It's a right of passage to play Fitz. The bar has been at the top of the live music scene in Houston since it opened in 1977, and it's still going strong.

The show is hosted by Visionary Noise. A progressive record label here in Houston known for it's ability to produce a steady flow of multi-genre shows. A rare thing to pull off in Houston. See you at the show

2706 White Oak Dr, Houston, TX 77007

Visionary Noise for pre-sale tickets and other show information


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