A Monthly Market

A Community Gathering in the name of healthy fun!
Food, Music, Art, Fun Every First Saturday of the month

The Heights Epicurean Farmers Market supports all the good things that bind a community in the name of looking a little deeper to find healthy, natural, clean living solutions. We promote all things handmade, homemade, and locally grown.

This once monthly market invites Texas farmers and local gardeners and food producers who are dedicated to organic practices, grown free from manmade chemicals and pesticides.

We showcase artisan bakers, creative snack developers, vegan and gluten-free foods, plants, art, and live music with a block party, family friendly atmosphere.

The Heights Epicurean Farmers Market takes place every first Saturday of the month from 8:30A until 1:30P, at 1245 Heights Boulevard.

The event takes place on the beautiful historical campus of one of the three oldest houses of worship in the City of Houston. Grace United Methodist Church Campus is the centerpiece of Heights Boulevard located prominently at 1245 Heights Boulevard, or 12th and Heights Blvd. There is parking on the street, and in surrounding lots on Yale and sidestreets.

You'll find sustainable, seasonal produce, fresh fruits and vegetables, micro greens and herbs, kombucha, fresh juice, eggs,local honey, frozen poultry and meat, aquas frescas, locally roasted coffee and tea, herb plants, even authentic vegan Indian, or South Asian faire from right here in the neighborhood.

Participating artisan vendors showcase everything from dog biscuits and organic baby food to infused vinegars, responsibly harvested coffee, relish, pickles, pies, cakes and cookies, iced tea, smoothies, traditional French Macarons, bulk super-foods, preserves, roumelades, essential oils, and alternative cleaning products which are all natural.

Some of the artists and craftsman and women bring their handmade, hand-sewn, crochet and knit items, natural soaps, skin care products, other natural home remedies, organic oil products, fine art, glass art, ceramics, paintings furniture, candles, home decor and more.

You can find more information including how to be a vendor at heightsepicurean.com

We proudly note that 60% of the vendors and marketers are our very own Greater Heights neighbors.

See you at the market!

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