Black Pussy Performing at For the Community Festival 14 in Houston Texas

Black Pussy is featured at For the Community 14 Free Art and Music Festival, at Last Concert Cafe in November.
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Black Pussy: POWER

Smith Deville

With an enigmatic spirit of believing in your dreams and the unwillingness to step away from controversy, Dustin Hill has put his proverbial foot forward to kick your ass into next Wednesday with his own brand of stoner trans-hypnotic rock and roll. A musical genius, Dustin and his marauding group of smokey bandits with their 70’s get up will elevate your intelligence and let your spirit soar with their cleverly constructed songs as they headline “For the Community 14” the epic Houston music fest sponsored by Visionary Noise, Free Thinker Radio, Raw Tejas Soap and Radio podcast hosts, Mandy Smith & Phil Deville visited with Dustin and he had a lot to say about his new album “Power”, touring and his band “Black Pussy”.    

Earlier this year Portland OR’s, Black Pussy released “POWER” which is the group's 3rd Full-Length release and six release in total! An inventively uplifting album, taking the listener on an odyssey to forget the every day and get on their cloud. With visions of the sun, mountains, and space; idyllic melodies ride hypnotic guitar riffs and electric piano grooves morph with the power of the drums; the band Black Pussy will sell you on themselves and their stellar vocals all on their newest album, “Power”.

The poet asks you to “Stare at the sun, hold out your arms, and let it wash away” while other mantras chant “If you want I can take you there” which a line in the first song of the album “Take You There”. They lay down the charm on the “The way I want you” and “Full Tilt Boogie” tenderly request “Let’s let ourselves go in all this love”. This group has smart real stories with a landscape of sonic sounds atop layers of guitar riffs and drums that makes you want to keep hitting replay. Being multi-dimensional combining all of the ingredients they get to the heart boldly on “Indians and “Home Sweet Home” which interestingly is the first song on every digital listen I’ve done which takes you through the 2nd half of the album first. Very interesting just like this band! I found a lot of humor on “Slice of Paradise” and just plain brazen cockiness on “Girlfriend”. The songs are fresh, genuine and they really do “Take You There” to keep you coming back for more.

RED PUB:Tell us about the journey that got you here and how the songs came to life?

DUSTIN: I’d been piecing this album together and jamming it live for about 2 years to make it flow. Had a hand full of songs and the record title. It was just filling in the holes and finding the right grooves to make a cohesive album.

RED PUB: The songs are sonically and vocally gratifying, lyrically moving. You guys got big stacks of vintage amps and cool guitars what’s the story about all that gear and how do you determine the sound?

DUSTIN: On this album, we actually used a lot of smaller amps in the studio, from old Marshall’s, vox and Ampegs to name a few. I was going for a more 70’s type of tracking so the low wattage amps worked better. That also translated to our live show now, where we’re using combo amps instead of stacks. Tone hunting lasts a lifetime.

RED PUB: When it came to laying down the tracks, what was your approach? Dustin: Each album is different. With “POWER” I did more preproduction and took a bigger role as a producer. I got so crazy on this album I was changing out every drum and cymbal for each song which I think translates on the record.” Yes, it does and wow the vocals made a big impact on all the songs, lots of interesting vocalizations in the background throughout. The harmonies crescendo’s in songs like “Wanna get Higher”;

DUSTIN: On “I wanna get high” in particular I had Ginger Hebert fully double the vocals with me; which created a beautiful color. She, Adam Pike and Keith O’Dell “Keys” are on almost every song as back-ups and or doubles.

RED PUB: You kicked off the album with an instrumental and then go into “Take You There” which makes a lot of sense for a first song; did the order fall naturally or how do you decide that?   Why that song and the instrumental prelude?

DUSTIN: That order came out of playing it live. We basically did it in the same vibe. I feel in the live setting is how you initially get to know the songs and album arrangement.

RED PUB: What about ”Home Sweet Home”? You also have the video which highlights Martin Luther King. Tell us more about your message and what you believe we need to get out of the experience?

DUSTIN: I was really happy with the way the song and video turned out. It’s really not my place to tell people what they’re supposed to get out of art. When I sing it live I always relate it too dying and going back to the stars, which is home. But I think if you listen close you can see what we were trying to do with the video.

RED PUB: Yes promoting positivity and unity, we get it.

DUSTIN: How do you feel the band would be received if the album was released in 1974? DUSTIN: I think we’d be killing it. I think we’d be killing it now if people weren’t afraid of the controversy of the times. But it is what it is.

RED PUB: Parasol is another great song and very creative video. How do the videos come into reality?

DUSTIN: Thank you. Everyone has ideas and throws them into the pot and we have a saying in our band... “best idea wins”. Then Ryan “guitar” is our video guru, then we nag him till it’s done.

RED PUB: It’s admirable the spirit of the entrepreneur that you have as a band and an artist! RED PUB: Which leads me to Adam Pike.  Who is Adam Pike? Listed as the Producer, who mixed and mastered the album and was also a backup singer.  Where does all of the talent come from?

DUSTIN: Adam is someone I call a friend. He and I played in “White Orange” together, we are partners in crime in music and he is the person I trust most when it comes to making a record. I always give Adam producer credit because I’m constantly bouncing my ideas off him in sessions. Without him, I could possibly go off the deep end. He’s super talented and I’m lucky to know him.

RED PUB: Being from the Pacific Northwest, You’re near Tacoma, the hometown of the legendary garage rock band The Sonics and Seattle’s grunge SubPop scene; How did all of that influence you and where did the 70’s influence come from?

DUSTIN: I love “The Sonics” and am a huge fan of early garage and psychedelic. It’s funny I got back into the 70’s during the 90’s subPop explosion; it got hip so fast I shunned most of it till around ‘99 and then I fell in love. I think listeners of my songs can definitely hear all the influences.

RED PUB: Was the band formed out of the ashes of earlier projects? How did you get together?

DUSTIN: The band was formed out of the ashes of what I thought was my whole life at the time. It’s was actually the first time I had ever quit music and sold most of my gear I spent years acquiring. I had finally hit bottom and that’s where I found “Black Pussy”. The initial formation was in 2008; which nothing really came of it except a hand full of gigs. So it got moved to the back burner as I did a couple of other projects and five records. BP was like a love that keeps haunting you; I couldn’t shake the idea. so I actually had to track most of the first record by myself due to circumstance. I had to beg my bros to play some shows with me cause we were all so busy with our other projects. I think it was 2012 at the Ash St in Portland OR; what a sweet night... and as time went on this became our main project. Same dudes for the last 5 years plus.

RED PUB: Truly amazing because it is so difficult to find a team that will stay together AND likes each other! Tell us more about your passion for albums? Are all of you collectors and who are the aficionadi?

DUSTIN: If we’re talking vinyl, it’s really the only way I listen to music unless I’m on the road. We are all collectors and I think if we had the cash we’d all be pretty even. RED PUB: You can get the album in a cool purple special order! Check it out!

RED PUB: Got an odd coincidence, my Father was Evel Kenevil’s private pilot and your album was dedicated to Evel Kenevil.  What’s the story?

DUSTIN: I just loved Evel as a kid and wanted to show some appreciation for his influence on me. Being a child of the 70’s he was huge; I had all th cool Evel Knievel toys. He was a rock star.”

RED PUB: You’ve also dedicated your album to The Trammps and Father BadAss?  Who are they and what do they mean to you?

DUSTIN: The Trammps are a soul/disco band I’m obsessed with. I think the drummer is credited with creating the disco beat... and father bad ass is Jesse Hughes from EODM. We’ve become bros over the years and he is also a great mentor to me. I just like thanking people on my records that have made this all possible in their own roundabout way.”

RED PUB: What do want Fans to take away from this album? Besides more Mojo.

DUSTIN: Besides “less info more mojo” which is a record I’m writing, I’d say I hope people feel the Love we have for the songs and I hope that love infects them. I also hope it inspires kids to keep playing the rock for the future.

RED PUB: What would you say to the new generation of Rock Bands following in your footsteps?  

DUSTIN: Tour, Tour, Tour!

RED PUB: You’re playing some great cities across the US; What’s your favorite real-life “spinal tap” moment?

DUSTIN: There are so many, but the one that comes to mind is we were playing this place in Springfield MO and I kept feeling shit hit my head; then I see plaster all over the ground like the ceiling is about to collapse. I start screaming into the mic that we need to clear the room, that the ceiling is caving in. Of course, no one is as freaked out as me, they just kept rocking out. I finished the set under a doorway.

RED PUB: Tell us about your relationship with the Houston Fans?

DUSTIN: Just like all places we have friends there not just fans; people we’ve known since the beginning. That’s what make the road fun; you have family everywhere.”

RED PUB: How’s life on the Road? Between the travel, gigs, and motels what make it work?

DUSTIN: For us, it’s our drug of choice. We all love this more than anything. We are family, we are just the luckiest group of guys that fully get along and can handle anything together.

RED PUB: That’s pretty amazing to hear! A strong tribe! Beyond the name, What makes you “controversial”? Are the band members and music equally as controversial?

DUSTIN: Well it seems rock n roll is still controversial and that would be the only thing controversial about us.

RED PUB: Well said and well done!

RED PUB:If you were doing a soundtrack to a movie, who would be your leading man?

DUSTIN: Burt Reynolds

RED PUB: How do you want to end this thing?

DUSTIN: I don’t ever want it to end.


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