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Bastard dropped in 09’ I heard it the summer before tenth grade from there listened to the rest of Odd Future, I listened to their music on a regular basis. I was an early lurker of their Oddfuturetalk forum, people were always throwing new music out there. So many people were thrown into the mix, there's was one cover I remember this guy chilling on a pile of skulls in a graveyard, I dug the cover but I passed on him. Fast forward maybe a week later. I'm skating home with a friend, he stops me, takes out his headphones and shows me what he’s playing, I see the cover I passed on.

If you want to have a conversation about underground and mainstream hip-hop progression and you want to talk about key players in the movement. It would be imperative that you mention the spark to the flame. When SpaceGhostPurrp dropped “BLVCKLVND RXDIX 66.6” and the first song “PXSSXSSXD” came on he said he was going to show how Florida made music and from that point, he began to build his empire. While other artists were breaking from the underground to the mainstream such as Chief Keef, Odd Future, And Lil B. Purrp was taking control of the underground, his production style paid homage to the 90’s Memphis and Houston sound.

Purrp knew what he was doing from the start he had a game plan. On his mixtape songs like “THV PXWXR (THA POWER)” and “VNDXRGRXVND (UNDERGROUND)” let you know early on that he was prepared to take control of the scene, he wasn't comical about it he was letting you know that the current underground scene which was littered with sub-par rappers he wasn't allowing them to have a pass any longer. He came in the game as a reminder to what real rap was he was bringing his brand of bars and flow to the table BLVCKLVND was a statement about the current state of hip-hop and what it was missing.

Purrp sound was a homage to the 90’s but at the same time, it was something completely new. The first time I heard “GXX XX BXXXK (GOD OF BLACK)” was the first time that I heard a producer create an atmosphere within the song. Train horns, thunderstorms, women moaning, the pitter patter of rain. All of these things added great value sonic value to the album.

Aside from being a rapper/producer Purrp is also a DJ, he has dropped countless Dj Screw inspired tapes such as Veneno, Purrped and Chopped, Clvb Nvsv 1995, Chopped by Spaceghostpurrp. Songs like Mystical Moments, Thowed Miami Classic 1995, Dreamz Wishez are some notable drops.

Purrp also curated one of the strongest movements of my generation. He was the leader of a group named Raider Klan a group of rappers and producers that spanned across the nation, from Texas with Amber London and Slim Guerrilla, to Memphis with Xavier Wulf and Chris Travis, to Florida With Yung Simmie and Denzel Curry, and everything in between. Raider Klan had a lot of members at its strongest there were 30 members.

Purrp didn't stay to the underground for too long before I knew it he was doing collabs with artists such as Wiz Khalifa( T.A.P.), Three Six Mafia and Bone Thugs n Harmony (Murder On My Mind) giving them a taste of his sound which happened to be influenced in part by Three Six and Bone Thugs. He was also an early influence on the early days of Harlem collective ASAP Mob. Having a close relationship to ASAP Rocky producing some of his breakout hits such as Keep It G and Pretty Flacko he influenced a lot of their fashion style with the early all-black attire and gold grills which were synonymous with southern rappers, now there isn't a kid who's into rap who doesn't own a grill before it wasn't a fashion statement now it is thanks to the popularity of ASAP.

Purrp has claimed to have retired multiple times from a general sickness of the business, people stealing from him, not getting his credit where it's due, but like all greats it seems to be hard for him to stay away from the game, Upon his latest return he unveiled his newest group BMB (Black Money Boys)  with BMB Deathrow Records, headed by the CEO Chxpo a Cleveland rapper.

Spaceghostpurrp was the spark to the undergrounds progression for my generation. Back in 2011 I didn't think music would be where it is today and honestly, I can hear his influence in so many rappers production and flow style its surprising, they try to emulate but they didn't ever to ever give credit to the original Black God so they pale in comparison.

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