A Space Villains Premier
Release CD Titled ASTERISM


Mostly heard of this band called Space Villains. I played a Visionary Noise show that they performed at as well, so I picked up a CD. These guys put on a great live show, so I wanted to see how their music transferred to the studio. Would it capture the energy that they had live, which was quite electric and upbeat, or would I trash it? Well I still have it because its good.

By the cover and packaging of the album I could tell that these boys were working on a low budget, which by all means, only made it more attractive to me. I believe all musicians are best when they are still hungry. So with much anticipation I pushed play and began my voyage into Asterism.

Space Villains come on strong with up front vocals and solid distortion with false harmonics. The overall tone and sound is reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz version of American woman leading into a change takes you for a ride through the depths of orgasmic space, then they break it down and return with smooth vocals and a Santana type jam.

By the first track Digital Lust, I am given a good taste of the band's various approaches and influences. The Lyrics are very modern about social media and technology and funny. In the next track March of the Villains, we get power riffs with the story of how they not only take over but destroy your world. There is an amazing noise jam in the middle of this, that I completely love, it took me back to Mellow Gold by Beck.

Trust Issues is where we hear some R&B influences that step into the picture. I can hear some Isley Brothers shining through, it is one of my favorite villain songs. Space Train is a great surf metal voyage, with an obvious nod to System of the Down. Atlantis has the feel of some kind of jam band festival “don't eat the brown acid” love child, then suddenly a love song emerges. I could see these guys at Wakarusa.

Atlantis Destroyed returns to the surf sound that I love so much, dancing delay, deep reverb, walking bass all good stuff. We get to Dirty Tool and we get to hear some post punk frolicking. Lets start a pit. On this track I also her a lot of Black Sabbath and Hendrix peeking through that post punk drive. There is a lot of fun to be had with this Dirty Fool. With the last track The Ballad Of Brittish Curtis we get a taste of some Zappa style lyrics and good jams to boot.

I'm glad I took the time to give these guys a listen. I enjoy what Lord Kalvin Camp (guitar, vox), Sir Robert Frisk (Drums, Noisynth), and The Infamous Ches (Bass,Vox) have found together. They have made a way to put all of these influences together and make it their own, which is all we want from any artist. I recommend you go to a show and buy a CD. Check out the links.

Space Villains Facebook

Space Villains Video FTC8

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