Perhaps you have not heard of Wonderbitch, a strong up and comer on the regional scene. Wonderbitch is a steady stream of attention grabbing pop that feels a little like early 80s pop meets 70s disco.  If you have heard of them it might have been at a festival, or through media as it seems like they are constantly topping polls in Austin. The steady rhythm and stark subject matter is humbling to the high spirited sound they make. They are spacey, funky and most definitely groovy.
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Obsidian Theater in association with SRO Productions is proud to present PASSING STRANGE a new musical with book and lyrics by Stew and music by Heidi Rodewald and Stew.

The story focuses on the uneasy relationship of a young black man (Youth) with his life. Raised in a midclass neighbor in Los Angeles, our hero, a would-be songwriter, stews in a sea of conflicted cultural signals. He chafes under his mother's fixation on family ties and church and her bourgeois aspirations. MORE

Multi-Platinum Bombshell Garbage Tells Houston Thank You

The undeniable theme running through last night's concert in Houston's Revention Center was "Thank you." Barely a year after celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their debut album's huge success - a multi-platinum bombshell - this Wisconsin based alternative rock band gave a spine tingling, no holds barred performance! Garbage is a great example of one set of musicians deciding that they want to take a little bit of grunge, a little bit of industrial, a little bit of trip-hop, and a little bit of pop, and then infusing it with all of the lyrical dissatisfaction and angst that every growing teenager needs. MORE

Alternative rock icons Helmet released their first album in six years DEAD TO THE WORLD. Here is front-man Page Hamilton talking with Micah Jackson of Visionary Noise about David BowieThe Beatles, living in Los Angeles, California, meditating while doing cocaine, the creative process, and this record which comes jam-packed with heavy guitar riffs, blasting percussion, and the distinctive voice of front-man Page Hamilton. The album is a perfectly executed mix of hard rock, alternative, metal and punk, and it shows the world again how versatile a rock album can be in 2016. Incredible footage of Local H at White Oak Music Hall

Performing at Houston Open Air Fest 2016
After eight years, two albums and countless tours, Dinosaur Pile-Up have taken their sound harder, faster and terrifyingly heavier than ever before with third album “ELEVEN ELEVEN”, released late last year on So Recordings. Dinosaur Pile-Up are reborn – ravenous for bigger crowds, broader stages and the fresh blood of fans’ ears.

Cl’Che’ - Gifted Rapper with a Purpose

I heard  Cl’Che’ live on a Television show. Her performance was strong, intelligent, and creative. When I got home I googled her music and listened to more than a few videos. What I found was some very good stuff. In explaining what motivated her to pursue music in those early days she provides insight to what moves her, “seeing women like Queen Latifa, Mia X , Da Brat, Boss rapping in this male dominated industry. Seeing women rapping was like WOW! Bad a**!!
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TWELVE FOOT NINJA @ OPEN AIR FESTTwelve Foot Ninja embody originality in everything they do. Twelve Foot Ninja's debut album SILENT MACHINE debuted at #4 on Australia’s AIR Chart followed by a trail-blazing national headline tour of Australia, rave reviews for both their debut album and live shows. Twelve Foot Ninja are often classified as heavy fusion or progressive metal but whatever genre you call them, they are known for their genre hopping and soaring melodies over heavy rock. MORE

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