The Journey to Freedom: Metanoia
By Cristina Urquieta

Freedom, something everyone claims they want, but this is not something everyone actually works towards every day. What is freedom? Where is freedom? How can we even begin to take steps towards something that we have never experienced ourselves?

The Misdiagnosis of FDR's 1921 Paralytic Illness - A BOOK
Now, we all know that “FDR had polio”. We’ve heard it a million times. In 1921, at age 39, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was struck by a serious illness that left his legs permanently paralyzed. FDR's illness was diagnosed by his doctors as "infantile paralysis" (paralytic polio), and that diagnosis was universally accepted.

KPFT Houston's Only Locally Supported Radio Station Is Having Their Drive

Music is one of the few things nearly everyone enjoys without reservation. Music gives people an outlet to express their creativity and share their passion. Wherever you live, I guarantee there is a vital art and music scene nearby. A lot of times, there are some amazing talent right around the corner from where you live, and local radio is the voice of that scene!

Electoral Reform Aren't We Overdue?

Butterfly Ballots, Voter Purges, Hanging Chads, Supreme Court intervention and other questionable activities and whimsical terms dominated the news after the 2000 presidential election. In the aftermath, election officials promised to reform the balloting system in progressively challenged areas such as Florida. But as welcome as such changes are, I fear they fall short of addressing a more important issue: The larger problem of the election was the failure to properly handle the presence of a third party. Here is the skinny on Approval Voting, Instant Runnoff Voting and the Electoral College. MORE

Disgruntled Cast and Crew Raise Issues Over Award Winning Theatre

Recently Houston mayor Sylvester Turner honored Eado Playhouse for their production of A Few Good Men, and for the free performance of the play for our veterans. If another playhouse earned this honor it would have been lauded for its charity, unfortunately Eado Playhouse's directors have a long past of financial obligations left unmet. Immediately after Mayor Turner presented the acclamation to Colton Berry, Jane Volke and Luke Hamilton dozens of former actors, musicians, and crew united in protest regarding payment long overdue. MORE

What if the way we live completely embraces who we are – the imperfect, improper, clumsy and beautiful mess. What if we stopped stressing about having a perfectly organized home and do what we can. What if we stop working till last minute and skipping meals because we enjoy taking care of our body. What if we stop hiding every freckle, wrinkle and spot on our face because beauty is impermanent and fleeting.

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