VOX POPULI Giving Back With Style

Sydney and Ruben Caballero are a brand new husband-and-wife team, and the founders of the new Houston Heights-based t-shirt line, Vox Populi (voks pop-yuh-lahy), which is Latin for “voice of the people”. The couple was inspired by the pain and division they saw in the world around them, and they wanted to find a way to spread love and positivity, while giving back to communities in need. From this, they created their line of inspirational clothing.

The Misdiagnosis of FDR's 1921 Paralytic Illness - A BOOK
Now, we all know that “FDR had polio”. We’ve heard it a million times. In 1921, at age 39, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was struck by a serious illness that left his legs permanently paralyzed. FDR's illness was diagnosed by his doctors as "infantile paralysis" (paralytic polio), and that diagnosis was universally accepted.

KPFT Houston's Only Locally Supported Radio Station Is Having Their Drive

Music is one of the few things nearly everyone enjoys without reservation. Music gives people an outlet to express their creativity and share their passion. Wherever you live, I guarantee there is a vital art and music scene nearby. A lot of times, there are some amazing talent right around the corner from where you live, and local radio is the voice of that scene!
Locally Grown in Texas:
Why I Care About Farmer's Markets

When we think about the good life, art and food rank pretty high in importance. The food industry consistently engages in deceptive marketing that confuses consumers. One way this is done is by throwing around terms that have no meaning under federal guidelines, such as dressing up chips as being "natural." While some carry more validity than others, all these trendy marketing terms associated with our food (Organic, natural, cage-free, etc.) can be overwhelming.

The Journey to Freedom: Metanoia
By Cristina Urquieta

Freedom, something everyone claims they want, but this is not something everyone actually works towards every day. What is freedom? Where is freedom? How can we even begin to take steps towards something that we have never experienced ourselves?


In case you have not heard, or your a newbee, welcome to Houston which is fast becoming a wonderful place for outdoor recreation. Sadly, approximately 50 cyclists, 400 pedestrians and 500 motorcyclists are killed every year in Texas. Many of those fatalities can be prevented if we spread the word about sharing the road.

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