by Brian Albiter

Do we spend a lot of time on Instagram? Not at all (yes we do!), and whether we are laying in bed debating whether to go to work or not Guess what? We find ourselves connecting through Instagram, it is not a millennial's “thing” anymore many businesses and literally everyone in planet earth is connected. So when I find a ’grammer worth shouting out, I believe it's my mission to share him or her with you, dear ’grammers.

Greg Fulks, born in Sacramento California now resides in the oasis of weirdness and the center of a sirloin, juicy center that we call … Austin, Texas. He always found himself interested in creating video and photo content since he was young, not because he was surrounded by it but because it provided joy. He became more serious about his work through high school and made it his nucleus towards the end of college.

What’s captivating about his way of shooting is that he enjoys to make people feel that they are in the video. Capturing the essence. When he is filming he says, “I run a lot so I make sure to work for the shots that others wouldn’t or are unable to. Sound is important so if I can, I keep as much of the natural sound as possible and add some sound FX as well.”

Social Media plays a huge part in my career.”

Not only has Instagram become a sensational app, but it also has become a huge competition as he describes, “So much has changed since I started creating. Video styles have changed especially quality. Cameras are smaller and more durable (GoPro one of my favorite cameras). You can get smooth footage while running with a camera. My Photo style has changed from an HDR Clarity, saturated look. To a less HDR look with less saturation. My style is always changing but usually has something to do with adventure and groups of people doing fun stuff.”


Instagram has open the doors to many creative artist and visionaries like Greg as he describes, “Social Media plays a huge part in my career. I get hired a lot because people see my work on Instagram and then message me about helping with a project. I also find inspiration by following people who are similar to me.” Another essential to a visionary is expanding his horizons so juts how much value traveling bring to him, “Traveling is great for reflecting and getting your mind out of the everyday norm. Sometimes I get caught up in the day to day. Traveling for me is a kind of meditation. It helps me appreciate my friends, family and the little things in life that sometimes you never even notice or forget about.”

Networking is one of the most important tools,
In building a career and in life.”

For those who have taken the route to transform Instagram as a business know that networking is majestic. “Networking is one of the most important tools in building a career and in life in general. Until the day robots takeover. Networking can give you the edge to work with people you want to work with. Sometimes all it takes is a good recommendation or a friend to help get your foot in the door then the rest is up to your skills and the other tools in your box.”

I want to create awesome life experiences for
as many people as possible.”

He has a creative mission that that he wishes to fulfilled through his journey, “I want to create awesome life experiences for as many people as possible. Greed is tasteless and has no lasting happiness… Or something more quantifiable… I want to Travel the world create unforgettable content that others find entertaining and meaningful and collaborate with people more and less experienced than me so I can grow and help others grow as well.”

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