by Brian Albiter

Traveling and sightseeing would seem more than enough to the average person. But for Mei Lin, it is just the beginning.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, now residing in Houston, Texas, "Traveling is EVERYTHING to me," she shouts! And indeed it is, so much so that it has become a part of her daily routine. She has to travel more than twenty plus hours to visit family and friends and does it without hesitation. She considers her travels joyful experiences.

What got her hooked on Instagraming was her Boston Terrier named, "Bossy". She loves taking pictures of him and "Bossy" is not shy at all, he can even be considered the best model that anyone can ask for. He is fit, fashionable, does not move much and is always chill. But enough about his handsomeness, lets focus back on Mei, she also loves photography and found herself always on the go, so what better way than to combine both. What is distinctive about her Instagram page is that in every photograph she radiates what she considers her passion, LIFE. “I love life, and love what it’s got to offer. I can see beauty in a lot of things and I take pictures as I go.”

I love life, and love what it’s got to offer.”


Whether you are a ’grammer or a just simply scrolling to people’s Instagram accounts you’ve realize that Instagram has revolutionize the way we communicate vividly. One of those revolutions is connections.

I’ve met a lot of friends! Friends with similar interests. We trade tips for travel, good places for food, and good shopping deals (ha!), and with some, we eventually became friends in real life! The world has no limits and amazing small things can bring people together.”

Social media has been a radiant experience as it has provided her with several people who share the same common interest and long lasting friends. It also has opened her horizons she says, Interestingly my choice of outfit (color specifically). I am now obsessed with street arts, the kinds that have bright colors. I love taking pictures of it and with it. I started to realize that most of my clothes are black, white, gray or neuter tones and sometimes it doesn't really look good with the arts. Now I like to have fun with colors. Also, it is how I really look forward to be in nature, not only does it give me the physical exerciser that I want (I love fitness) but peace of mind as well. Nature is powerful, it changes and heals you.

I just went to the Grand Canyon for my birthday a few months ago, then I went to Yosemite. I was in constant awe of how beautiful nature was and you realize what the most important things are in life are.”

Nature is powerful, it changes and heals you.”

Let’s face it! In this day and era people are getting paid through push content on Instagram, people have started businesses through Instagram and it has become such a high revenue network. Networking is the nucleus and the essence of life. Don’t be believe me? Ask Mei, “If you are an immigrant like me without your family around you, you will understand it is extremely valuable. Having a strong network is significant. Social networking brings friends and work, networking brings career potentials. Never shy away from any opportunities to meet and build relationship with new friends :)”

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Instagram: (@mmeeii928)

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